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Product Design Engineering

Product Design Engineering involves an understanding of the form and function of a part, and knowing how to complete the project from the design engineering stage of component development to production manufacturing.

Detroit Design Engineering offers complete product design services.We will be a member of your team as expert consultants. Our goal is to offer our clients the most cost effective, best practice solutions, and deliver them on schedule.

Detroit Design Engineering has full class “A” surfacing, and solid modeling capabilities for all Design Engineering Programs, as well as Tool, Die, and Fixture design capabilities.

Design/Engineering resources:

  • Unigraphics

Integrating design with our Finite Element Analysis (FEA) services offers the ability to produce products that are structurally sound, as well as aesthetically pleasing. In addition Detroit Design Engineering can integrate the design with our mold filling analysis (Moldflow) services to create a part that is ready to be successfully tooled and produced.  Utilizing Unigraphics and Catia, we can produce products that will meet or exceed the demanding requirements of today’s market.

After defining a problem, looking over set criteria, and analyzing solutions to the problem, Detroit Design Engineering can help its customers to create optimized parts that are ready to sell.  We will quickly use the information and ideas of the customer to get the product design process underway, and get a model promptly created. Detroit Design Engineering has over 20 years of experience developing everything from automotive components to consumer products. We will use our experience to input and suggest modifications to the product design. Detroit Design Engineers may also help the customer select the optimum material for the product being designed. Once the design process is complete the customer can receive both a cad model of the part and a physical part utilizing our rapid prototyping services.


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